11 Best Candle Warmers Review in 2023

Candles have always been a great décor that can change the atmosphere of your home from a dull four-walled area to a warm and welcoming place. Whether it is a cozy date, a freshening bath, or a cold night, a scented candle’s lustrous warmth is a must to lighten up your mood.

Best Candle Warmer

As we have moved with time, so did the accessories that adorn our lives. It is fascinating to realize that there are electric gadgets that are made specifically to make your scented candles last longer and without the risk of a flame. Yes, we are here to glorify our best partner in gloom and despair, a candle warmer.

If you still do not have a candle warmer, it’s time to go for it, as a candle warmer is cost-effective option for your relaxation. To acquaint you with these devices, we present a list of best candle warmers that will make your home smell wonderful.

Why Buy A Candle Warmer?

Traditional candles are charming in their own ways but every time you decide to buy one, they can cost you some penny as they don’t last as long as electric candle warmers.

Electric ones do not require any burning flame to melt, the wax is melted electronically within the warmer allowing you to use it further.

Unlike traditional candles they do not create soot or residue from burning and in consequence save your walls from yellowing. These are very reasonable and set in a tiny corner in your room to soften your room whenever you need.

The 11 Best Candle Warmers Review

1. Candle And Fragrance Warmer

2-in-1 Classic Fragrance Warmers come with a versatile design that allows you to warm wax melts in the dish, or place a jar candle directly on the warming plate. It includes a 36″ long cord with easy on-off roller switch, a removable dish for wax melts, and a 4″ diam. warming plate for candles.

With a deep earth tone and sober feature, this Golden Pewter Walnut 2-in-1 Fragrance Warmer can decorate your home elegantly and compliment your taste as well.


  • Classy and elegant look
  • The wax stays fragrant even after the warmer is turned off
  • Separate plate for melted wax
  • Moderate size and easy to clean


  • The cord is a bit shorter

Bottom Line

This warmer burns at a lower temperature, which is great for oils and more delicate waxes, like Yankee candle. The candle holding plate just sits on the top and can easily be separated for cleaning. They are versatile in function as you can use candle jars or use the dish to melt wax. With this warmer, you can add an aesthetic statement to your home décor.

2. Auto Shutoff Candle Warmer

If you prioritize safety over elegance, this warmer will surely make you fall for it. This 2.2 x 5.4 x 6.5 inches warmer is programmed to automatically shut off after eight hours eliminating the hazard of switching off.

It features a larger hot plate design fits most of your favorite scented candles. For overly cautious people, this warmer base disperses the heat away that prevents overheating.

It also comes with an on/off switch and an indicator light that displays its working status.


  • Simple design
  • Features an on/off button
  • Power indicator light
  • Auto shut off technology
  • Compatible with different sized candles.


  • Not the best looking candle warmer

Bottom Line

These warmers are good for heating candles so that you can enjoy the fragrance without having to light them, and most importantly, they won’t burn your home down even if you forget to switch them off. The 4″ diameter heating plate can accommodate big jars but we recommend using middle ones as bigger ones take longer to melt.

3. Aurora Candle Warmer Lamp

Known for its outstanding design, Aurora Candle Warmer Lamp provides the finest experience for fragrance and beauty. It has a traditional curvy stem and the semi-matte black finish makes it an excellent piece to adorn your room.

You need to place a 16-ounce candle inside and enjoy a soot-free, flame-free, soothing fragrance. It triggers to candle to release a cleaner, stronger fragrance that lasts up to twice as long compared to burning a regular candle.

Designed with patented top-down warming technology, the warmer melts the wax from top down allowing the fragrance to spread faster and stay longer. The best part is you can choose from variety of designs to accessorize your desk.


  • Top down warming technology
  • Sophisticated design
  • Added lamp
  • Efficient in candle melting
  • Long lasting fragrance


  • A bit pricey

Bottom Line

If you are looking for modern accessories to compliment your modern interior, you better purchase this one instead of the flat candle warmers. It looks great, works perfect, and always adds to your home décor even when it is not working.

4. Julia Ann Vintage Bulb Electric Candle Warmer With Timer

Looking for a candle warmer that provides quality function without compromising its looks? We have found one for you. Inspired by vintage lanterns, the black metal cage frame of this warmer wraps around a clear glass body to show off the bulb inside.

It comes with a safety timer on the cord so you can set the time before switching it on, and it will automatically turn off in 2, 4, or 6 hours. You can also adjust the power levels between low, medium, and high for varying intensities of fragrance.

You can use scented wax melts, tarts, cubes, or chips to the dish for a deep and long lasting fragrance.


  • Vintage look
  • Auto-shut off
  • Timer feature
  • Works as a night light
  • Ensures deep fragrance


  • Low heat can take too long to melt the wax.

Bottom Line

The timer feature and light setting come really handy. The timer makes it amazingly easy for those who are forgetful and never turn off their wax warmers. It blends with the décor much better than traditional candle.

5. ASAWASA Metal Candle Wax Warmer

Such an efficient and aesthetically pleasing device, this candle warmer will fill your home with relaxing and aromatic scents to delight you and your guests and erase the unpleasant smells like smoke, tobacco, pet urine, garbage, and embarrassing bathroom aromas.

This 4.57″ x 4.57″ x 6.38″ inches warmer has a unique design with a riveted edge at the top of the metal body that makes the heater more durable. Just plug it in and switch it on, the added Halogen bulb will create a sober atmosphere with an intoxicating aroma floating around.

Your need for a soft night light can also be fulfilled with this. The package comes with a light bulb that changes colors and 6- months warranty.


  • Extraordinary design
  • Very durable
  • Multi-purposeful
  • Added light
  • Company warranty


  • A bit pricey

Bottom Line

This warmer can provide you a peaceful environment with a freshening fragrance after an exhausting day. Its modern look is complimenting to any smart interior and can be a great gift item for your loved ones.

6. Bobolyn Handcrafted Mosaic Electric Candle Warmer

Another beautiful addition to our classic candle warmer collection, this one is handcrafted and mosaic-patterned that will certainly take the viewers’ breath away. It is designed to safely burn the candles without having to light it and it emits soft light at night allowing you to relax under a soothing environment.

This one works as simply as any other candle warmer with a power switch and a plugging cord. By burning wax tarts and wax cubes for countless hours, it eliminates any kind of ugly odor and keeps your home fresh and enchanting.

Overall, it’s an amazing token of love that you can gift to yourself or your favorite ones.


  • Easy and safe operation
  • High efficiency
  • Lengthy service
  • Relaxing night light
  • Temperature stability


  • Money-consuming

Bottom Line

This warmer works no better than others but the manually painted pretty glass and marble like design is unique in itself. Its mere presence can uplift your mood and upgrade the look of the atmosphere you put it in.

7. COOSA Ceramic Candle Warmer

This one is for those who do not want too much color around and prefer matte-finished sober colors. It is designed with Sunflower Pattern, a noble and elegant device that is perfect for office, work studio, or private nights.

It operates simply and keeps the temperature stable for as long as the candle takes to melt. In addition to providing sweet fragrance, it brightens up your room with its lighting functionality and keeps the light soft enough not to cause irritation to your eyes.

Our white ceramic warmer is able to offer you a peaceful environment without allowing smoke, pollution, or bed smells.


  • Unconventional design
  • Freshening air
  • Soft light night
  • Easy maintenance, stainless ceramic
  • Improves air and removes odors.


  • The heater takes a while to melt the candles

Bottom Line

The sunflower pattern is very attractive and gives life to a dull and dark night. Unlike the metallic candle warmers, this one doesn’t stain or cause a headache to clean the residue. Such excellent features at a reasonable price!

8. Cocopin Ceramic Wax Melt Candle Warmer

Let’s take a break from all those aesthetic and eye-catching candle warmers and get back to a simple but stunning design. This warmer is subtle, undemanding, and manageable that shower your room with softness of its light and sweet fragrance.

It is not so embellished as the lantern warmers or handcrafted ones, but it sits on top your corner table gracefully doing what it is meant to do.

It features an integrated timer that lets you automate and control the burning time in 3, 6, or 9 hours with precision, ensuring 100% safety. Topped with a flexible silicone wax container for a quick, mess-free replacement of candle, it works best with soy candles.


  • Subtle and stunning look
  • Vertically stripped light design
  • Silicone heating plate
  • Controllable timer feature
  • Elegant appearance with all white color


  • Deep colored wax cubes can leave a bit of color

Bottom Line

The timer setting allows you to enjoy a stress-free deep sleep without worrying about fire or safety hazards. You can have a pleasant experience with good fragrance that comes without the wax-burning smell and unpleasant soot.

9. HEKALU Crystal Touch Electric Candle Warmer

This crystalized candle burner is a perfect addition for any contemporary interior whether it is your home, studio, office, gym, spa or a pleasant gift to those you care about.

It has a touch sensor base and 3 dimmable colors (low, medium, high0 so that you can adjust the brightness of the light and enjoy your level of relaxation, and all these happens with just a single touch.

This oil warmer can be used with essential oils or Wax Tart, and the 25W, 120v light bulb is temperature stable, durable and lights up your room with the amount of brightness you prefer.


  • Touch sensor and 3 dimmable colors
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Crystalized body
  • Good air purifier
  • 12-months warranty from the manufacturer.


  • Expensive

Bottom Line

This one is not just a loyal lighting partner but also a perfect decoration for your house, it fills your home with serenity and elegance. Its crystal surface will serve as an expensive and unique piece of décor even when you are not using it as a candle warmer.

10. SALKING Electric Candle Wax Warmer

Another visually pleasant warmer that is designed with lantern pattern. But what makes it different is that it comes with two 40watt bulbs unlike any other candle warmer. Given the high intensity of the voltage, it melts the candles within no time and you enjoy the sophistication of a scented candle without burning them.

The warmer comes with a removable top cover, you can remove the top over to get more fragrance out of your wax. Furthermore, the bulb is surrounded by a transparent cover that makes sure the bulb doesn’t break by external objects.

It is a multifunctional warmer that provides a romantic vibe to your room with a quick fragrance and eye-soothing light.


  • Appealing design
  • Soft and warm lighting
  • Includes 4 lavender wax cubes
  • Equipped with a top cover
  • Two 40watt bulbs


  • Brightness of the bulb is not adjustable

Bottom Line

The peaceful aromatherapy is able to bring you a stress-free moment and enliven your spirit within seconds. Like a lot of our elegant picks, this one will also satisfy your home décor with its lustrous look.

 11. EQUSUPRO 3D Glass Electric Wax Melt Candle Warmer

EQUSUPRO 3D candle warmer can definitely meet your need for a super stylish, vibrant colored wax burner. Its 3D glass emits multi-colored lights when the bulb is switched on and therefore, creating a bright and beautiful ambience in your room.

This manually painted warmer allows you to change the paints yourself and design it the way you want. It can work with essential scented oils and wax tart which is not included with the package.

You’ll get a 25 watt, 120V bulb to light up the 3D glass and your office, home, or studio as well.


  • 3D technology
  • Manually painted glass
  • Sparkling lights with vibrant colors
  • A unique air freshener
  • Long lasting fragrance


  • Multi-colored sparkles can be a little annoying if you prefer soft lights.

Bottom Line

The illumination from the 3D lights is something you feel mesmerized to see, only if you are not intolerant to color-changing lights. For all the other features, this one works just as simply as other candle warmers, improves environment, purifies air and removes ugly smell.

Types Of Candle Warmers

You won’t find a great variety while looking for candle warmers. Yet, there are a few different varieties available in the market. Let’s have a look!

Plate Warmers

Simple in design and function, plate style candle warmers are budget-friendly and cannot contribute that much when it comes to decorating your room.

However, these warmers have a heating plate to hold the jar candle. You just have to put the jar on the base and plug it in.Some plate warmers are also used s coffee warmers, but not every sort of cups are suitable for the heating base. This means you need to be extra careful before putting your tea or coffee cup for warming.

Lamp & Lantern Candles

The most elegant, sophisticated, and expensive candle warmer, lamp and lantern candles can definitely enhance the appearance of your room with its aesthetic look and appeal.

Not just the design, its function is different from its peers. The heating base is above the candle placing area instead of beneath it, which makes the candle last longer.

For a slow paced and soothing fragrance, these candle warmers are best.

Candle Crock Warmers

Candle crock warmers aren’t the best option in terms of appearance, but if you want a quick fragrance to float around you after a tiring day, these are for you.

They are container-like warmers that are designed to hold the candle jar and heat it from the bottom base and all sides for a faster melting.

As the candle melts quickly, the fragrance might not last longer.

Key Factors To Consider While Buying A Best Candle Warmer

Buying candle warmers is not as simple as you think. Almost all of them are equipped with the same features and it wouldn’t take a minute for you to fall for the wrong ones. Despite the similarities in design and functionality, you have to be careful of certain things that you might not even notice.

Heating Space

Some candle warmers are fascinating to look at but own a very little space to hold enough wax to provide fragrance for a long time. In such cases, you’ll have to clean the wax tray and put fresh candles again and again. Sounds tiring, right?


You’ll find candle warmers that will just fill your room with sweet fragrance and there are other warmers that have night-light function too. First one might save you some penny but second one will not disappoint you with its soft warm light and fresh fragrance. Which one do you prefer?

Cord Length

This is something no one will warn you about. Think about a candle warmer that needs another plugging device because its cord is too short to reach the power point. That will surely destroy the appeal a candle warmer brings to your room.


If you are one of those who prefers surface appearance over price and efficiency, try to find finely designed ones, You’ll get hundreds of variety available in the stores. Remember, the more complicated the design is, the harder it is to maintain and clean.


Warmers made with metal or glassware tend to stay hot even after hours of candle burning. Ceramic wares are better in terms of safety. If you have children or pet in your house, we recommend you to go for ceramic candle warmers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Candle Warmer?

A candle warmer is an electric device that use electricity to melt candles or wax cubes or scented oils instead of open flames.

Do I Have To Buy Wax Cubes Separately Or It Comes With The Warmer?

Some company provides a few pieces of wax cubes with the package. But eventually you’ll have to buy the wax supplies according to your preferred fragrance.

Are Candle Warmers Safe?

Candle warmers are as safe and risk-free as any other electric device. Since they do not require open flames to melt candle, they are a lot safer than traditional candles.

How Long Can The Warmer Work At A Stretch?

You can put it on service for as long as you want, but it is suggested to switch it off after 6-8 hours.

Can The Melted Wax Burn The Warmer Case/Surface?

Candle warmers’ heating plates are usually made with metal, hence it does not burn no matter how hot it gets. Moreover, candle warmers never get too hot to burn anything other than candles.

Final Verdict

We have tried to provide you every tiny information you might need while buying a candle warmer. Our top candle warmer list includes the ones that have achieved high ratings and positive reviews.

They are smart, smoke-free, pollution free, elegant in appearance and perfectly fitted to the job they are made for. Pick the one you think is best suited for you and infuse your home ambience with a sugary and delightful fragrance that no one can ever forget.

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