9 Best Wipe Warmers Review in 2023

Are you tired of your little one crying every time you use a cold wipe during diaper changes? If so, then investing in the best wipe warmer is the perfect solution for you and your baby.

Twenty one century has certainly made our lives much easier, otherwise who would’ve thought that we could have a device that warms up baby wipes?

While new parents are having confusions whether they should be adding a wipe warmer to their newborn’s must-have list, other parents are happily enjoying its utility to the fullest, especially in calming their little ones at midnight with a warm wipe cleansing.

We are here to help you clear your confusions and find out whether a wipe warmer is necessary or just another useless baby product that might sit on your baby wardrobe without providing any service.

We have prepared this list of best wet wipe warmers that includes the top rated warmers with honest customer reviews, important features, and our own recommendations. Give it a go!

Why Should You Buy A Baby Wipe Warmer?

Well, buying a wipe warmer cannot be a necessity, of course. It is one of those products that will make your parenting easier and erase your baby’s irritation caused by the chilly wipes.

Changing a lot of diapers becomes one of the regular activities of new parents. While cleaning the tiny bums of the little ones’ warm wipes can provide comfort and convenience to them than the wet, stingy wipes. Although it is not something your baby cannot live without, it can certainly assist you in good parenting- bringing comfort to your baby.

Moreover, if you prefer using warm facial wipes while cleaning your face, wipe warmer is the device you need, whether you are a parent or not.

9 Best Wipe Warmers Review

1. Munchkin Mist Wipe Warmer (Customer’s Choice)

With a top down heating technology, this warmer makes sure the wipes are heated from top down so that they are warmed from both sides equally. For a long time warmth and easy access to the wipes, it comes with a flip flop lid that prevents heat transfer as well.

It is capable of holding 100 wipes at a time and a viewing window allows you to check on the amount of wipes remaining inside the warmer.

You need to pour half cup of water over the wipes before plugging it for warming. For an easy nighttime changing, this warmer offers a soft light that shuts off automatically after 10 minutes. It is one of the best wipe warmers for safe your baby.

Munchkin Mist Wipe Warmer-Key Features

  • Dimension: 10 x 7 x 4.5 inches
  • Color: White
  • Package Contents: A warmer and an instruction guide
  • Power Usage: AC 110-120V, works only with Class 2 adapter.
  • A flip flop lid contains heat for a long time and prevents external contamination or heat transfer.
  • A soft light provides nighttime comfort and shuts off automatically after 10 minutes.
  • Functions with standard size wipes and wash-clothes


  • Top down technology
  • Low voltage usage
  • Night light and auto shut off feature
  • A view window
  • Compatibility with wash-clothes


  • 220V power usage might cause this thing burst

Bottom Line

With some good features and easy operating techniques, this wipe warmer has been giving satisfactory service to the consumers.

2.Hiccapop Baby Wipe Warmer And Dispenser (Best Overall)

The best addition to our top wipe warmer’s list is Hiccup Baby Wipe Warmer and Baby Wipes Dispenser. Although wipe warmers are quite similar in design and features, this one is the best because of its well-functioning traits, effective performance and years of service that has gained consumers’ satisfaction.

Its top-heated design is thoughtfully crafted so that the top wipes stay warmest. You can also keep an eye on the viewing lens to check the remaining wipes.

This warmer also features a nighttime light that shuts automatically after 10 minutes. It is energy saving, functions on low voltage and holds up to a week’s worth of wipes.

Hiccapop Baby Wipe Warmer and Dispense-Key Features

  • Dimension: 10.5 x 7.5 x 5 inches
  • Color: White
  • Package Contents: A warmer, detachable cord and an instruction manual
  • Power Usage: 100v-240v
  • Silicone seal locks in moisture and heat, preventing wet wipes from drying out and browning.
  • In-built changing light and illuminating power button
  • Compatible with any kind of disposable wipe or clothes
  • A see-through viewing lens is attached.


  • Compatibility with different type of wipes
  • Detachable power cord
  • Innovative silicone seal
  • A transparent viewing lens
  • Durable


  • This warmer is not to be used on or over 240v.

Bottom Line

This warmer is large enough to store a good amount of wipes even when the warmer is not plugged. It has some features that almost all the wipe warmers have, but the features do not cause problems like other low quality warmers do and that’s what make this one the best.

3. Prince Lionheart Wipe Warmer (Best For Cloth Wipes)

Specially designed for Warmies reusable wipes/wash clothes, this warmer can hold a week’s worth of wipes, sixteen Warmies wipes or twenty-five thinner cotton wipes to be precise.

The warming area or inner wall is carefully constructed with 100% rayon material so that the wipes stay moist and fresh and provide softness to baby’s skin.

It fights germs and wipe browning with the process of evaporation and condensation in the chamber filled with water and micro-bacterial solution which makes it hygienic and safe for baby’s skin.

Prince Lionheart Wipe Warmer-Key Features

  • Dimension: 10.5 x 7.25 x 5.25 inches
  • Color: White
  • Package Contents: A warmer, detachable cord and an instruction manual
  • Power Usage: 120v
  • Micro-pores hold the moisturizer and fights external germs.
  • Soft glow night light provides ease at night changing
  • Specifically designed for reusable wipes


  • Fights the germs of reusable clothes
  • Top-down heating technology
  • Large capacity
  • Hygienic
  • Low power usage


  • It doesn’t have a viewing window.

Bottom Line

It has a three level heating technology that ensures proper warmth and hygiene of both the reusable and disposable wipes. The lack of a peeping window might require you to keep checking the wipes.

4. Bella Baby Wipe Warmer And Wipes Dispenser (Best For Travel)

This one has a temperature setting option that ranges from 40℃ to 45℃ so that mothers can decide the right temperature for their little ones. It also features an LED screen that displays the current status of the heating level.

With a large capacity, Bella baby wipe warmer can store a whole box of wipes. You don’t even need to unpack the box, just put it into the warmer right after you purchase.

The company includes a vehicle adapter to the package so that you can plug it in your car while travelling. You can avoid turning on your bedroom light while changing diapers at night as this warmer illuminates a soft light which shuts off after 10 minutes.

Bella baby Wipe Warmer and Wipes Dispenser-Key Features

  • Dimension: 10 x 6.5 x 4.8 inches
  • Color: White
  • Package Contents: A warmer, vehicle adapter and a user guide
  • Power Usage: compatible with 110V~240V voltage, can be used in almost countries and areas, 24w.
  • Temperature setting and an LED display allows to set the heat accordingly.
  • Nighttime light that goes off automatically after 10 minutes of use.
  • A vehicle adapter is added for using it while travelling


  • 40℃ or 45℃ (104℉ or 113℉) temperature options
  • LED Touch screen with real-time temp display
  • 24hrs constant temp
  • Large capacity and compatibility with major wipes in the market
  • Vehicle adapter


  • Doesn’t have a viewing window.

Bottom Line

It has a sleek design and large opening that makes the takeout easier. To secure its position on the bedside table or inside a vehicle, it has rubber dots at the bottom of it. With this portable warmer, your baby will not get angry anymore whether you are at home or outside!

5. GoGo Pure Baby Wet Wipes Warmer And Dispenser (Best For Large Space)

Tired of all the bland white colored warmers? We have found a pink wipe warmer for your baby. With a simple design, comfortable warmth and affordable price, this warmer definitely becomes a product worth buying.

You can simply operate this device with on/off button and forget the hassle of unplugging. It doesn’t overheat no matter how long you keep it plugged, produces a moderate heat so that the baby doesn’t feel too hot or too cold.

You can store 100 wipes at a time and access easily with the silicone lid that keeps the wipes warm as well. Warming different wipes from different brands is easier with this warmer.

GoGo Pure Baby Wet Wipes Warmer-Key Features

  • Dimension: 9.3 x 6.6 x 4.9 inches
  • Color: Pink
  • Package Contents: A warmer and a user guide
  • Power Usage: 110V~240V, EFL certified, can be used worldwide.
  • Moderate temperature
  • Soft light illuminates while changing diapers at night
  • Silicone lid locks moisture
  • Functions simply with on/off switch


  • Easy functioning
  • Standard temperature
  • Large compartment
  • Trendy color
  • Energy efficient


  • The package doesn’t include a power adapter

Bottom Line

A budget-friendly, cute looking, and easy functioning wipe warmer that can also be used as face wipe warmer. Since the compartment is large, it becomes hard to reach once the wipes get to the bottom. You have to open the whole lid.

6. Grownsy Wipe Warmer And Baby Diaper Warmer (Best For Temperature Control)

This one allows you to select from two modes (summer and winter) so that the temperature is set accordingly. It can be used when the room temperature is higher than 57.2°F.

Designed to heat the wipes from top to bottom, it prevents the lower wipes from drying out due to long time heating. Through constant heating and top down system, it makes sure the wipes are appropriately warm for baby’s delicate skin.

With the capacity of holding 150 wipes at a time, this warmer lets you store more than 10day’s wipes and stay relax about the baby’s care. You can also use facial wipes, adult diapers, and wash clothes in this warmer.

Grownsy Wipe Warmer and Baby Diaper Warmer-Key Features

  • Dimension: 6 x 0.3 x 5 inches
  • Color: White
  • Package Contents: A warmer and a user manual
  • Power Usage: 110V~240V
  • Temperature can be selected from two modes- summer (45 degrees C) and winter (60 degrees C)
  • Luminous display screen makes night operation more relieved and safer
  • Wipe straps heat them faster and keep moist and fresh
  • One button function
  • Prevent the wipes from drying out and warm items you need in just 1 hour!


  • Comfortable summer and winter mode.
  • Faster heating straps
  • One button control
  • Anti-slip rubber dots at the bottom
  • Luminous display screen


  • It doesn’t have a viewing lens

Bottom Line

Its constant heating ensures that you can use wipes whenever your baby need it and make your baby calm and comfortable. The double mode system is equal to temperature control technology as the mode temperatures are applicable to different seasons. Overall, it has got something new and exciting to give a try.

7. CHEFHANDY Baby Wipe Warmer (Best For New Parents)

Like the earlier one, this warmer features temperature modes and settings but in a more advanced form. From its three temperature modes ranging from low (86 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit), medium (104 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit) and high (122 to 131degrees Fahrenheit), you can choose whatever you feel suitable for your baby.

Unlike other wipe warmers, this one doesn’t employ top down heating technology, instead heats the wipes from the inner walls so that all the wipes are heated equally. With the 150 wipes it can hold, you will be able to stay relax and provide comfy touch to your baby.

Once the temperature mode is set, the warmer keeps it constant and stable so that you can use the wipes anytime.

CHEFHANDY Baby Wipe Warmer-Key Features

  • Dimension: 10.2 x 6.3 x 4.3 inches
  • Color: White
  • Package Contents: A warmer and an instruction manual
  • Power Usage: 110V~240V
  • Three temperature modes-low, medium and high.
  • It can accommodate 150 wipes at a time
  • Inner walls make sure the wipes are heated equally
  • One button function with a touch screen setting
  • Produces below 20dB sound, which doesn’t cause any disturbance while the baby is asleep.


  • Multi heating mode
  • Constant heating
  • Larger capacity
  • Sleek design
  • Simple to deal with


  • The touch setting is too sensitive.

Bottom Line

This warmer doesn’t smell like burning wipes or wires, maybe due to its unique heating technique. It is easy to clean, maintain and can hold a whole pack of wipes plus some extra ones. It’s like a cool tissue box that can fit into any cramped space.

8. GOLOHO Baby Wipe Warmer And Wet Wipes Dispenser (Best For Gift)

GOLOHO baby wipe warmer uses advanced technology to evenly warm wipes at a comfortable temperature for sensitive baby skin which is unlikely to top-down heating warmers.

It can accommodate all wipe brands and up to 100 wipes at a time. So, all your favorite brands will fit securely inside the warmer for fast and easy warming. With the ever fresh and moist wipes, changing time gets hassle free and tearless.

Our warmer can operate at a low voltage and includes a power adapter for safety and convenience. Simply plug it in and start warming. You’ll also get an attractive gift box and use the package as a perfect gift for baby shower.

GOLOHO Baby Wipe Warmer-Key Features

  • Dimension: 10 x 6 x 4.3 inches
  • Color: White
  • Package Contents: A warmer, a power adapter and a user manual
  • Power Usage: AC 100-240V/DC-12V,
  • It uses advanced technology to warm the wipes evenly at a moderate temperature.
  • Holds all wipe brands and up to 100 wipes at a time
  • Takes 2-3 hours to warm up the wipes.


  • Innovative surround heating
  • Safe with low voltage usage
  • Beautiful oval shape
  • Perfect gift for baby showers


  • Heating process takes too long.

Bottom Line

This one operates with direct plugging in and do not have a power switch option. You can’t set the temperature as you see fit as the warmer has its own programmed temperature mode which seems to be too slow.

 9. BOPOPO Portable Wipe Warmer Battery Powered (Best For Cordless)

Our last pick will not cease to impress you like the previous ones. With the outlook of a tiny makeup pouch, this one makes itself the best wipe warmer to carry while traveling. And do not worry, its beauty does not compromise with its functionality.

It allows you to choose the temperature between 108 and 119 °F, one perfect for summer and other for winter. The inner insulation system makes sure the wipes stay wet and warm. With a built in temperature sensor and digital display, it can show the temp status while it’s working.

The best part of this wipe warmer is its built-in 10000mAh power supply. With this, the wipe warmer can heat wipes for 4 to 5 hours even when it is not plugged in, making it extremely portable to use at home or carry it out.

BOPOPO Portable Wipe Warmer-Key features

  • Dimension: 9.49 x 5.75 x 2.64 inches
  • Color: White and Blue
  • Package Contents: A warmer, operational instructions
  • Power Usage: 110V
  • Heat level can be adjusted between 108 and 119 °F
  • A built in 10000 mAH battery helps it operate for 4/5 hours without electricity.
  • A digital display informs about the temperature level.
  • One button function
  • It can hold 80 to 100 pcs wipes
  • It has elastic bandage to keep the wipes on top


  • Temperature options
  • Real-time display
  • Built in battery with 4/5 hours of life
  • Portability
  • Equal distribution of heat


  • It doesn’t have a viewing window or night light.

Bottom Line

In cold weather, it is really important to keep baby wipes warm no matter where you are. Hence the necessity of a portable wipe warmer. Other than this, it surely has some cool features that everyone expects to see in a wipe warmer. The LED display, touch function, temp choices and long battery life make it a must have addition to your baby gear.

How To Choose The Best Baby Wipe Warmer While Buying?

Although wipe warmers from different brands are given similar features and traits, but as you have already read about the difference in the warmers that we have enlisted above, you’ll find some unique ones that offer exceptional and handy sides. To purchase the best electric wet wipe warmer, make sure to check out these points:


Parenting can be really hard, you need to spend a lot of you time feeding, cleaning and taking care of your baby, which means you’ll be more forgetful about things like putting wipes in your warmer. That is why it is important to find a larger one so that you can store a considerable number of wipes to cover at least a week.

Temperature Options

It is true that most warmers will never be too hot to burn your baby’s skin or too cold to not warm the wipes at all, but programmed temperature setting can be too slow to function or heat up the wipes. Whenever you are in a hurry or have forgotten to store warm wipes, you’ll need a high temperature to heat up the wipes for immediate use.


Having to change baby’s diaper at midnight is a common nuisance every parent has to face. The trouble is doubled if you have to get out of your bed and torture your eyes with the sudden light. To aid you from this trouble, some wipe warmers come with an inbuilt nighttime light which is soft enough to cause no irritation to your eyes. Some even offer auto shut off setting so that the light goes off automatically even if you forget to do that.

Anti-microbial Lining

Among hundreds of wipe warmer available in the market, you’ll find only a handful ones that come with anti-microbial lining. Since the inside of a wipe warmer is always wet and moist, it is natural to grow germs or bacterial in it. Anti-microbial lining prevents such contamination and keeps the wipes fresh and hygienic.

Viewing Window

While a lot of wipe warmers do not have this feature, parents feel privileged to buy the ones that have a viewing window. With a window, it becomes easier to check on the number of wipes left and when a refill is needed. Just imagine how terrible you would feel if you need warm wipes in the middle of night or work and find nothing inside the warmer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Refill A Wipe Warmer?

Pour a small amount of water at the bottom of your wipe warmer. Based on the capacity of the warmer, place a certain amount of wipes and cover it. Do not fill the water over the wipes, instead fill the base of the empty compartment before putting the wipes.

Do You Place The Wipes Into The Warmer With The Package?

No. Although some wipe warmers suggest not to take the wipes out of its package while warming, we suggest throw the pack away and put the wipes by themselves.

Can Wipe Warmers Catch O Fires?

As an electric device, it is possible for a wipe warmer to catch fire due to electrocution. In fact, several accidents have been reported on this issue.

Can Wipe Warmers Can Grow Germs/Bacteria?

Yes. Since the inside of a wipe warmer is always moist and wet, you can assume the possibility of bacterial contamination and growth of germs in it. These bacteria can cause itching, rashes or inflammation to babies’ delicate skin.

How Can I Clean A Wipe Warmer?

To fight bacterial contamination, it is important to keep a wipe warmer clean. Take a rough cloth, spray some sanitizing formula in it and wipe the inside walls, bottom part, and cover of your wipe warmer. Do it at least twice in a week.

Final Verdict

Even the baby gears like a wipe warmer need a lot of attention before and after purchasing. Just as a wrong purchase can be a waste of your hard-earned money, wrong maintenance of an electric warmer can lead to skin damages and medical issues. That is why we have collected authentic information about wipe warmers, how to use them, what to look for while buying a wipe warmer and our own list of the best baby wet wipe warmers you’ll ever find. We hope it was of some help. Happy shopping!

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