What Type Of Coffee Has The Most Caffeine?

Caffeine is a great source of boosting your energy or spirit when you are struggling to pull an all-nighter work or complete an assignment. Some even need that push in the butt to go through their hectic schedules without feeling down.

While all sorts of coffee come with some amount of caffeine, some brands offer highly caffeinated ones for those who need them. Other than the particular process of coffee roasting of individual brands, caffeine stimulation of your personal drink depends on the type of beans, roasting procedure, and brewing method.

In this article, we’ll tell you how the strongest or most caffeinated coffee is brewed out of your personal preference of beans, the roasting profile of those beans, and finally your own brewing formula.

Discussion Of What Type Of Coffee Has The Most Caffeine?

Most Caffeinated Coffee

Although it is easier to find the brands that produce coffee with the highest amount of caffeine, you can control the amount of caffeine by following some simple facts. As we have already hinted, the amount of caffeine your cup contains depends on several things, they are:

  1. The kind of beans being used- Robusta/Arabica
  2. The roasting profile-dark/medium/light roast
  3. The brewing procedure- cold brew/pour-over/espresso etc.

Yes, you read it right, the level of caffeine in your coffee is controlled by your personal drinking choice, as much as it depends on the amount of caffeine injected by the brand.

If you intend to take charge of your regular coffee intake, this article might be beneficial for you. After all, knowing the basics of caffeine can definitely help you have control over it. Enjoy most caffeinated coffee with coffee mug warmer.

Which Coffee Bean Has The Most Caffeine- (Robusta Or Arabica)?

Among several coffee beans that most of us are unaware about, there are only two coffee beans that are mostly used for commercial purposes- Robusta and Arabica. Before making a choice between these two, you must know the essential facts about them.

Robusta Beans

Popular for their bland taste and bitter profile, Robusta beans contain twice and in certain cases four times caffeine as Arabica beans, and hence the bitter taste.

The higher containment of caffeine makes them less susceptible to pests and requires small budget to grow them. That’s why, you will easily find them as instant coffee or cheaper blends.

Other than some espresso that contain a little amount of Robusta, finding them is difficult in quality coffee shops. However, to wake you from your morning laziness, some gas stations brew highly caffeinated Robusta beans and you can enjoy the bitterness at a cheaper price.

Arabica Beans

Most coffee shops and roasters live on Arabica coffee beans, thanks to the not-so-great flavor profile of Robusta beans. Arabica beans are compatible with a variety of blends and flavors and stick to their taste in light, medium or dark roast.

Having half the amount of caffeine as Robusta, Arabica does not taste bitter or bland and therefore, delivers some of the most delicious brews and complex flavors.

Arabica beans do not provide as much stimulation as Robusta, but if you want a break from the bitter punch of your best-tasting high caffeine coffee, hold on to Arabica.

Curious About Decaffeinated Ones?

Well, the name suggests everything, doesn’t it? Decafs do not contain any caffeine unless you count the tiny amount of caffeine that remains while processing them.

Decaffeinated beans are treated with water, carbon dioxide, or solvents, to remove most of its caffeine and this process is followed before roasting. It removes almost 97% caffeine which gives you a chance of second thought before taking decaf ones if you want to erase caffeine from your diet completely.

Which Roast Produces Most Caffeine- (Light Or Dark)?

The roasting method might have an impact on the taste of the brew, but it doesn’t really bring significant change in the amount of caffeine.

Being a strong and firm compound, caffeine does not get affected by roasting procedures. Even when exposed to high temperatures, the change remains very trivial.

Light Roast

Light roast means light caffeine, right?

Let’s find out.

If you roast your beans for a long time, they will lose more water, expand, become less dense, and lose weight. That means, roasting coffee beans lightly will ensure more volume in them, and hence, more caffeine. Though the difference in the amount of caffeine is very insignificant.

Dark Roast

It is easy to assume that since dark roasts are achieved through high temperatures and longer periods of roasting, the beans might lose a certain amount of caffeine. This is quite true.

Dark roast loses its moisture and hence decreases in mass. This means a 10gm spoon will contain more dark roast beans than the lighter ones since they have lost the water while roasting.

So, the darker roast beans you add to your drink, the more caffeine you’ll get, despite the fact that dark roasts lose more caffeine while roasting than the light ones.

However, these calculations hardly matter as the amount of caffeine between dark and light roasts are minimal.

Which Brewing Method Extracts More Caffeine?

As we all know, espresso is the method that delivers the highest amount of caffeine. But, does it?

Do you know that in a single serving, you can get more caffeine in a cup of a drip than a shot of espresso? Or a double shot of espresso has around the same amount of caffeine as an 8 oz cup of regular coffee?

Well, let us enlighten you.

Espresso definitely extracts most caffeine out of coffee beans but it depends on the serving size of the drinks, not their brewing method.

An espresso shot is usually around 1 fl. oz. (30 milliliters), and contain 76 mg. of caffeine while a Moka pot serving is usually around 2 fl. oz. (50 to 60 milliliters) and contain 91.44 mg. of caffeine.

So, despite being the strongest caffeine extractor, a single espresso shot serving contains less caffeine than a Moka pot serving.

Cold-brew coffees servings often contain more caffeine. With approximately 8 fl. oz. (240 milliliters) size serving, the amount of caffeine it carries would be around 204 milligrams.

If you want the most caffeinated brew, you can stick to espresso-based beverages and don’t forget ask the barista for an extra one or two shots. But nothing can beat a large cup of cold brew if you need a hard kick in the butt!

Brands That Produce Highly Caffeinated Coffee

No more essential knowledge, let’s find the brands that are actually working with these essentials to produce the strongest and most caffeinated coffee. Here is the list of 7 most highly caffeinated coffee brands:

  • Black Insomnia Coffee
  • Death Wish Coffee Co.
  • High-Voltage Coffee
  • Black Label Coffee by Devil Mountain
  • Killer Coffee
  • Player One Insomniac
  • Very Strong Coffee

Final Verdict

Having read the article, you have understood which bean, roasting method, and brewing formula to follow to get the most bitter taste. Instead of depending on brands or listen to what others say, fix your caffeine intake on your own terms.

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