Which Coffee Is Good For Health?

Being one of the most popular and healthiest drink in the modern world, it would not be an exaggeration to say that coffee do not require brand value for its health benefits. There are many approaches to find whether a coffee brand is healthy or what its position is in the list of the healthiest coffee brands.

One way to find the healthiest coffee brand is to search for the organic, chemical-free, pure coffee available in the market, but it certainly cannot dismiss the growing popularity of coffee brands with added nutrients, like vitamin coffee. For long time warm your coffee in office, traveling and wherever can use coffee mug warmer.

Which Is Healthiest Coffee According To Cardiologist

Healthy as its name suggests, people might wonder if such medicinal coffee can even taste good. This one was created by a coffee lover, cardiologist Dr. Jack Wolfson. Everyone is aware of the health benefits of coffee but equally unaware of how the methods of coffee harvesting, processing, and packaging can damage those benefits.

Being disappointed with such chemically processed organic coffee available in the market, Dr. Wolfson set out to create a coffee brand that prioritizes the natural purity of coffee beans, and hence we are introduced to the most organic and pure coffee around us.

The taste of aromatic coffee beans clings to your mouth calling for a few cups more. With a unique combination of bold bitterness and exotic flavor, it fills you with taste and healthy elements as well.

To Discuss Which Coffee Is Good For Health

Each consumer’s individual choice and approach leads to a healthy coffee brand though not on similar terms. Keeping all these factors in mind, we have picked several coffee brands that are popular among consumers for their healthy elements.

1. Peak Performance Coffee

With Peak Performance Organic Coffee, you can rest assured knowing that you are putting the healthiest and cleanest cup of coffee in your body every day to give you the mental energy, physical energy, and alertness you need to achieve your Peak Performance.

This 100% USDA organic, pesticide-free, non-GMO coffee is stacked with antioxidants that will rejuvenate your long tiring day. Collected from Guatemalan Highlands, the beans are filled with natural flavor and is devoid of any contamination from “blends”.

For the utmost satisfaction of health-conscious coffee lovers, Peak Performance Coffee is tested by third parties and overpowers all the highly commercialized coffees, overly processed, combined with sugars & sweeteners.

2. Life Extension Rainforest Blend Coffee

This brand has its own patented roasting process named Healthy Roast that helps make organic coffee with the maximum amount of antioxidants. Unlike the regular roasting process, this Life Extension’s particular way retains the polyphenols, boosts levels of trigonelline, some forms of antioxidants.

They protect your body from unhealthy sugar intake and naturally soothes your stomach. The beans are 100% USDA certified that ensures you do not buy a pack of chemically treated coffee instead of an organic one.

Life Extension’s hand-picked Latin American Arabica coffee beans are gently roasted in small batches without any additives or preservatives.

3. Mushroom Coffee

If you want something different, something that doesn’t include the bitterness of organic coffee but holds the health benefits, Mushroom Coffee is for you. Mushroom coffee is not a brand, it’s a specific blend produced by several brands that add mushrooms in their blends to complement their health properties.

It may feel weird to even think of having mushrooms with coffee, but don’t worry, this tastes way better than you can imagine. Along with the soothing taste it is packed with varieties of mushrooms like cordyceps, lion’s mane, reishi, and Chaga.

They are best known for their anti-stress and relaxing effect. You can also cure your mild dementia, lack of energy, and depression with these mushrooms.

4. Life Boost Coffee

Always the first choice of healthy and organic coffee lovers, Lifeboost Single Origin Acid-Free Coffee is shade-grown at a high elevation in the mountains of Central America where each bean is picked and double-checked for its purity and natural flavor.

The reason Lifeboost attracts coffee lovers is the level of hard work and dedication it gives to produce such delicacy with proper health values. Being low on acid, it does not do any harm to your stomach, instead, purifies it out of any toxic elements.

The maximum retention of antioxidants delivers all the magnificent benefits of coffee without any damaging side effects. A handful of Lifeboost coffee can cause you some extra penny, but good staff needs good investment, don’t you think?

5. Purity Coffee

Purity Coffee is one of the healthiest coffee brands available for coffee lovers. It allows you to taste a brew that is not only mouthwatering but also nutritious for your health. Purity Coffee designs its coffee using research from scientists, coffee industry professionals, and medical professionals in order to retain as many nutrients as possible. With mycotoxin-free, mold-free, and organic beans, Purity Coffee aims at reducing consumers’ health risks.

All of their roasts and signature blends are freshly roasted premium grade organic coffee beans and retain twice as many antioxidants as other organic coffee brands. Purity Coffee’s health properties do not compromise with the variations in coffee blends and roasts, you can choose from hundreds of options produced by this brand.

How Can You Make Your Coffee Healthier?

Finding healthy coffee-producing brands is great, but even healthy brands cannot save you from the damages you can have by developing bad coffee habits. Here are some of the tips to control your coffee drinking habits:

  • Reduce sugar intake: We know that drinking black coffee all day long is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some coffee lovers stick to drinking only because of the sugary-bitter taste that coffee generates. But researches have shown that extra sugar and artificial sweeteners can destroy the healthy nutrients of coffee and cause other health risks as well.
  • Reduce coffee intake: Even if you are having sugarless coffee, its best to limit your daily intake within 3-4 cups only.
  • Swap with different varieties: Instead of pouring your tummy with a specific roast or blend, go for multiple varieties. This way your body will be familiar with different nutritional elements.
  • Do not skip water: No matter how much coffee you consume it can never fulfill the role of water. It is very important to drink water as much as you need to hydrate yourself.
  • Add some natural spices: There are hundreds of naturally grown spices that is beneficial for your health and best for enriching your brew with spicy taste too. So next time you go for a spoonful of sugar or caramel syrup, remember to swap it with a dash of cinnamon or a nutmeg.

Concluding Suggestions

Although we have prepared some brand names that produce the best coffee for your health, we cannot recommend you any particular one. Recommending a healthy coffee brand is not easy unless you know what is healthy for your current condition, your diet, and your health risks. But one thing that can assure you a healthy brew is the tips that we have provided at the end of the article, the rest is yours to decide.

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